Raving Fans - Bryan Schachtele

Raving Fans

Business Coaching

Bryan helped me solidfy my online business from having no offering to getting my first coaching clients.  He guided me through the process of sharing my values, which allowed me to start getting fans.  His coaching benefited my business greatly! Great Experience!

E. Crete 
FOREX Trader and Coach

Where I needed the help was with a confidence boost and a specific step by step plan for going after Bigger Fish, Bigger names and higher paying clients. Bryan helped me to do that.  I landed a $35,000 deal because of the work that I did with Bryan.  

Jennifer Harshman 
Owner of HarshmanServices.com

“Working with Bryan has been fantastic for me! I’ve had some real insights into blocks that have held me back from taking action in certain areas of my business, and has helped me to start creating tools and methods for breaking through those blocks. He has a very positive energy, and a great openness to following your lead. He also isn’t afraid to share his own experiences, and to relate to the difficulties of building a business, which is very helpful. I’d recommend Bryan to anyone who has a goal or a challenge that they are ready to take on. You’ll get things done!”

John M. 
Business Coach and Entrepreneur

“Wow! Bryan really delivered! He helped me gain more clarity on what I want and how to get there. He asked quality questions and gave me a new perspective on my business. He instilled confidence in the plan we created and gave me a sense of urgency to get started on it immediately.” 

Josh G. 
Cutco Representative

“I had an amazing experience working with Bryan Schachtele! We discussed the current state of my business and the direction I want to take it in the future. We didn’t just discus an A->B strategy, we discussed many of the variables and branches associated with the path I wish to take. Bryan helped me to discover options I had not fully considered. Most importantly, he helped me to identify mental roadblocks that could hinder achieving my goals.  I highly recommend Bryan to anyone. He’s highly intelligent, has a way of drawing out the underlying issues that affect entrepreneurs and gives practical, actionable advice on how to move past those obstacles.”

J. M. 
Employee and Aspiring Business Owner

“Bryan was great at helping me create and implement a plan for taking my business to the next level. He helped me rethink about how I can best connect with my target market, what I could do to raise my rates and how to maintain a healthy work/life balance as a business owner.  Bryan certainly boosted my confidence and helped me create a solid plan to reach my target income over the next couple of months.  Thank you so much!

G. Koh 
Entrepreneur and International English Teacher

Career Growth

Christopher S.Youth Program Manager

“I have to admit, I’m not the type of person that seeks out coaching. I’ve always had the mindset that I can find a solution to any issue or challenge I face on my own by researching online, reading a book, or listening to a podcast. All of that changed when I reached a place of being stuck and needed some additional help. Enter Bryan.

He was very thorough in following up with me and helping me to organize my time by setting the appropriate goals to reach my intended outcome of gaining employment. Thanks to Bryan, I landed the job I wanted! If you are looking for someone to help you work through work/life challenges and come up with concrete solutions, I would highly recommend you work with Bryan."

Erika B.University Of Madison - Office Of Multicultural Initiatives

“Bryan’s ability to use personality type (MBTI) and realistic goal setting greatly informed my career exploration process. He offers individualized attention and critical reflection, empowering clients to adapt coaching in ways that are most effective in our daily lives and next steps. As a Coach, Bryan serves as a partner to think creatively and proactively in a job search, a personal or professional goal, or in making life transitions with support. Working with Bryan Schachtele is a worthwhile investment for one’s self and into successful steps for change.”

Anna G.Fairview Hospital SCO Supervisor

“I reached out to Bryan because he really excels at facilitating organizational learning opportunities. And once again, he didn’t let me down. Bryan really helped shape my workshop by truly listening and coaching me through my mental barriers. The best part, was that he allowed my values and ideas to really show through while providing shaping and guidance. He really made the difference to me feeling comfortable presenting. And it showed! People really enjoyed themselves!”


“I thought I knew exactly what my next leg in life was once I figured it out, I was going back to school to do what I felt I was meant to do.  He asked me great questions that provoked deep thought! He encouraged me to ask four specific questions to three different people. I took this homework assignment and started right away, in the end I changed my mind, I’m pursuing a different masters degree than I’d originally thought.

Bryan helped me view things from another perspective and helped me create a plan to gather more information, all by asking questions. He didn’t have the answers, but he knew I would eventually. He also sent me tools to use, links to podcasts, and other ideas. Thanks for the encouragement!”​

Personal Development

“I recommend working with Bryan. He has an uncanny ability to facilitate change in his clients and this was evident in the three sessions I had with him.  Bryan is the real deal. There is no bullshit. He will challenge you to get to where you want to be and he will be straight to the point about it.

​He shared with me that my success as a client was his success as a coach, and I truly felt that. Coaches with these qualities don’t grow on trees, and I say that as someone who has worked with more coaches in the past 5 years than I can count on one hand. So, if you have something you want to work on you won’t go wrong with choosing Bryan as your coach.”


“Bryan Schachtele helped me to pinpoint exactly I am really passionate about and what steps I’m planning to take to get there. As we talked, I realized pretty quickly that I was burying some deeper goals and dreams. I was not spending enough of my focus on what’s most important to me.  What stuck out to me the most in our conversation was this question: What exactly is holding me back from doing those things that I REALLY want to do?

​When you really start to think about those invisible barriers in your daily life that stop you from taking action on your goals, such as the usual fear of failure, desire for comfort and sameness, fear of committing to something, etc, you start to see them all as what they are: excuses. They’re not really you. It’s important, above all, to be true to yourself.

I’d like to thank Bryan for that awesome coaching experience. He gave me some great insights to think about. I’m now taking real action and I’m more pumped than ever!” ​

Kelly H. 
Artist, Graphic Design and Animation

“Bryan’s methods for invoking focus and setting daily intentions have given me the momentum to create a realistic and achievable path to my goals while eliminating external distractions. This has greatly improved my focus on what’s most important — living my dreams! I consider him a pioneer. My confidence has grown exponentially, and as a result of his techniques, I am seeing greater results from my actions!”


Education and Mindfulness

Corrine A.High School Teacher

“I was fortunate enough to meet Bryan when he came to the school I was teaching.At the time I was really struggling with stress and time management being down a teacher to help with tasks was really taking a toll on my overall health. And as faith would have it Bryan was hosting a Mindful and Meditation group online and invited me to join this wonderful adventure. I am so glad I did!

​At the time Bryan came along I was really thinking about leaving teaching. I loved the kids and I loved teaching, but could not keep up with the paperwork and additional meetings that were required of me. I was figuratively drowning with no hopes of coming up for air. Through Bryan’s intentional teachings of mindfulness and medication I was able to put his techniques to practice right away. Bryan helped me to realize that as a teacher I was constantly putting my students first, but ultimately putting myself last and running out of gas in the process. Through his techniques I learned that if I put away some non-negotible time for me to practice meditation and reflect on my wants and needs I grew stronger mentally and overall more healthy and in turn I was actually EVEN BETTER for my students.

​I found new ways to handle the pile of paperwork and meetings too. I am a super busy person and so I would have never thought I would “have time” to do this, but I actually gained time by getting ahead of my overall well-being. Needless to say Bryan encouraged me and helped me to be even better at my job as a teacher.” 

Colleen A.Private Music Teacher

“Bryan’s meditation coaching program was absolutely fantastic!!! I never realized just how helpful (and practical) meditation could be to everyday life. His encouraging, motivational advice, coupled with doable action steps, created the perfect recipe for success. To this day I’m putting his techniques into practice. The program was weeks ago, but I still benefit from his coaching. I strongly recommend working with Bryan, just as I plan to work with him again in the near future.” 

MacArthurDirector Of Alumni Relations For Public Allies

“One thing that stands out in Bryan’s practice is his commitment to doing everything possible to set his client up for success. This paired with his positive, affirming attitude is what makes Bryan a great coach and thought partner.”

Shannon G.Stay At Home Mom

“When I joined Bryan’s “Count Your Blessings” gratitude group I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was an amazing group of people, led by Bryan, in sharing not only their gratitude for the big things in life but for even the little daily things that sometimes pass us by.

​When I would post, it hadn’t occurred to me that my gratitude could help others. Bryan replied to many of the members’ posts, which I was moved by, since what I think we crave is understanding and acknowledgement. I really feel like it helped me to stay in the moment and when things arose that were out of my control (and normally I might get upset) I was better able to stay calm and look for the good in the situation.”

Ernest Corner IIIAuthor, Trainer and Entrepreneur

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in a small online forum with Bryan and other members of his network. We established a surprisingly open and honest space where I felt truly comfortable sharing even the things that I struggled with most using a lens of gratefulness. Being a part of this group pushed me to identify opportunities to appreciate my life and all the things that have come along with it. I’ve been more happy, less stressed and I’ve had more energy to take on my work week knowing that I have an awesome community to fall back on for support and encouragement.” 

Health and Fitness

“I was trying to loose weight for years but was stuck in a cycle of gaining weight beyond control. At a certain point, I feared I’d become diabetic or at minimum a liability to my fire fighting team until I met Bryan Schachtele. After he listened to my goals and struggle, he talked me through the process, explained the outcome and started coaching me. After working together for a few weeks I lost 25 pounds and that was more than I lost on my own for years. Eating right, exercising, and watching my daily habits was key. I will continue working with Bryan, not only to lose weight but also to follow through on my Fitness goals. He is a great guy and knows his stuff.” 

Al B. 
Multiple Business Owner