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Problems I Help Solve

Procrastination – You’ve wanted to lose weight, eat healthier, get that master’s degree or start that business for years now, but just haven’t gotten around to accomplishing that goal yet.  I help busy people stop procrastinating and start achieving success so they can check those big personal and professional goals off of their to do list.


Career Transition – You’ve lost that spark at work, you are feeling beat down by the bureaucracy of your organization and something needs to change.  I help burned out people find that spark again, get re-inspired, and create a clear action plan for achieving their goals.


Work/Life Balance – You are struggling to meet the needs of your children, spouse and extended family.  You may be feeling overwhelmed, angry, depressed, or like something needs to change, but you don’t know what.  I help highly successful people find work/life balance so that they can be their best at home and at work.


Life Transitions – You have some type of major transition going on in your life.  Maybe you just retired and are unsure about what you want to do with your time, or your kids are growing up and you suddenly have a bit more time on your hands, or are going through a divorce and are reexamining your life.  I help people in these situations reconnect with their values, gain confidence and clarity, and develop a clear action plan for success.

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