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Helping Parents Become Self Employed:

From Thinking About It,

To Launching It,

To Finding Their First Clients

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Nycole Fry, Paint Your Story

From Thinking About It...

Attention all entrepreneurs!!!! 

Okay... I'm a go-getter! However, Bryan Schachtele pushed me through another challenge that has been keeping me from sharing my story with more people!

I'm telling you, if you're an entrepreneur like myself and you need to be held accountable and talk through your beautiful ideas with someone, check out Bryan Schachtele ! He has such great insight! IT'S THE BEST!!! Connect with him, you won't be disappointed...TRUST ME! :)


To Launching It...

"Bryan helped me solidfy my online business from having no offering to getting my first coaching clients. He guided me through the process of sharing my values, which allowed me to start getting fans. His coaching benefited my business greatly! Great Experience!"

E. Crete, FOREX Trader and Coach
Jennifer Harshman, Harsmanservices.com

To Finding Your First Clients (or your biggest clients)!

"Where I needed the help was with a confidence boost and a specific step by step plan for going after Bigger Fish, Bigger names and higher paying clients. Bryan helped me to do that. I landed a $35,000 deal because of the work that I did with Bryan."

About Bryan Schachtele

I am an ENFP Parent that got tired of the corporate grind and finally took the leap into creating and running businesses that played to my personality's strengths.

 I am a Business Consultant, Teacher, Firefighter, Landlord and Hops Seller.  I love the multipotentialite life and have been helping other ENFP clients, like yourself, make the leap from being "full of ideas" to implementing and monetizing them!

I truly believe that “You Are The Revolution That You Have Been Waiting For!”

And that as the gig economy continues to grow, more people will be starting their own businesses. I play a key role in helping people compete in this new economy by helping  ENFP Parents take their big ideas and take the leap From Thinking About It, To Launching It, To Finding Their First Clients!