I don’t get it, what exactly do you do?

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I don’t get it, what exactly do you do?

People know that I am all about the deep work of “High Performance Coaching Through Self Mastery”….. but what the hell does that mean?

The simplest way for me to put it is:

When discipline, hard work, confidence and knowledge aren’t getting you the results that you are looking for then some deeper work needs to be done. I help people do that deeper work so that they can connect all of the dots together and achieve the results they are looking for.


When people are doing “everything right”, and still aren’t finding success, I help them figure out what the missing link is. This important work allows my clients to do the following:

– Grow their business faster
– Quit a job that they hate so they can find a job they love
– Be the parent that they want to be
– Become more physically fit
– Figure out how to do work that they love and get paid for it
– Implement the spiritual practices that they love to talk about but don’t do
– Be happier more often


Think of an olympic gymnast doing a front flip on a balance beam. The gymnast is the one that has to do the flip, but she can’t see her growth areas as quickly or clearly as her coach can. Her coach gives her a perspective from outside of herself AND offers specific strategies and methods for success. Her coach holds her accountable and supports her through the difficult work so that she gains the mental clarity, confidence and focus that she needs to complete that front flip on the balance beam. Her coach helps her turn off the voice that says “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” and turn on the voice that says “I can” and “I will figure out a way”.


I do this important work 3 different ways:

1. High Performance Accountability And Support: This type of work is focused around helping people who “know what they want…. get it”. People that work with me in this capacity have super busy lives and tend to be doing some of the following: Raising kids, starting their own business, working 70 hours a week, helping care for aging parents, or going back to school to get a masters or bachelors degree.

These types of clients meet with me for 1 hour at the beginning of the month to get crystal clear on what they want to accomplish over the next month or two and then create a solid action plan for how to achieve it. They also get 20 minute accountability sessions on a weekly basis throughout that month to accelerate the results they are looking for.

2. Group Coaching for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs – This coaching program is about helping powerful people connect with other powerful people in a way that promotes learning, collaboration and making money. It is for leaders that are ready to level up their personal and professional lives while surrounding themselves with other high achievers.

I meet with people in this group 2x a week. Once for a 30-45 minute individual coaching session and again in a group setting where I train them on a specific topic and then lead a discussion. The discussion is focused on supporting one another and sharing resources. This is a high impact experience that takes place over 10 weeks!

3. Individual Coaching – This option is for people that are making a serious commitment to leveling up their personal and professional life. This option includes weekly meetings for 60-90 minutes where we dig deep into who you are and what you want to accomplish. We then create a high impact action plan where we have regular check ins and strategy sessions throughout the week.

This work is highly personalized so that you get the support that you need to get the results you are looking for. This work will be challenging, but it will also be exactly what you need to grow your business or find greater fulfillment in your personal and professional life. People that work with me on this level are committing to at least 2 months of intensive work.


I LOVE using my skills and talents to help AMPLIFY yours! This high impact work will give you the clarity, confidence and focus that you need to accomplish your most important work.

YOU are THE REVOLUTION that you have been waiting for! The world needs your unique gifts and talents, unleash them on the world!