Success In 2016 Starts Today!

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Success In 2016 Starts Today!

I believe that “YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION that you have been waiting for”. Here is an abbreviated version of how I have been helping people start that personal revolution for 2016. I did this work with people over the course of 4 days, so feel free to break it down in whatever way that works best for you:

1. Write down at least 5 things that you are super proud of accomplishing this past year. These can be personal or professional accomplishments, but they need to be BIG!

2. Where are you right now in your business or personal life? What is going absolutely fantastic with how you do your work, or how you are living your life? Write down a couple of things that you MUST KEEP DOING in your Personal and Professional Life. Think of it like this, you must keep doing these things because it works and you are getting great results.

3. Think about how you work or live daily and write down 2 or 3 things that you MUST STOP doing. Give yourself a minute and go deep with this. What activities or routines are distracting you from getting the results that you are striving for? What choices do you need to make to minimize or eliminate these distractions?

4. You did not start a business so that you could be a slave to it, working all of the time, having high levels of stress and not having the time to live out your highest values. You most likely created this business because you want to live a life of purpose and make a living doing things that you love!

Take some time to reconnect with your reason why. Why are you doing this work? What are your highest values and why is this path the one that allows you to live them out? Why did you pick the non traditional road of being an entrepreneur or a business leader?

5. What does success look like for you on a personal and professional level? What does it look like and feel like when your reason why connects with what your view of success is? What does success look like and feel like? What are you doing? What is happening in your personal and professional life when this is happening?

6. Sit with the above vision for a bit. Decide if this is really what you want. You may need to do this exercise a couple of times to get to the root of what you really want, quite often we create stories about what success looks like from outside of ourselves. Stories about what society says is successful. Leave that behind, define success for yourself and deeply understand what it looks like, feels like and tastes like.

7. Take the notes that you’ve taken from the above work and streamline it into a paragraph that you can tuck away into your journal. Knowing what success looks like, sounds like and feels like helps create a clear vision for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in the future. Also, give yourself permission to let this vision change as you grow and change. Use this vision as an anchor that will keep you grounded and focused on the results that you are working towards.

8. Take some time to sit down and answer this question: Do you believe that you can have the success that you visualized or is what you are visualizing a wish? Sometimes we lie to ourselves and try to positive self talk our ways into achieving goals. The type of success that you and I are striving for, comes from a deeper place than positive self talk or hopes/dreams. It comes from a place of deep belief and understanding of who you are and who you know you will become. So do you believe deep in your soul that you can accomplish the type of success that you visualized?

9. The type of success that you want to achieve will not come easily, there will be all sorts of different sacrifices and pain that you will experience along the way. Because you are a high achiever, this type of sacrifice and pain is not something new to you. Think about and write down a similar level of challenge that you have taken on in the past. Running a marathon, starting a business, finishing a bachelors/masters degree, living in a different country and not knowing the language, etc. hind sight is 20/20, what did you do to achieve success in that situation? What exactly did you do to make success happen in the past? Be specific.

10. Now reverse engineer your first 2 months of 2016. You know what the ultimate goal of success looks like for you, now break it down into tangible steps. If you wanted to run a marathon your first step after committing to the process would be to make sure that you have running shoes, and time set aside to train. Then you would set a small goal of running for 30 minutes 5 days a week, then expand it to running for an hour, then expand it to running a certain distance. Spend time breaking down your plan for the first 2 months of 2016, like this. Break it down to daily activities, find people that will support you and hold you accountable, and finally DO THE WORK.

I am so excited for all of you! If you get stuck at any point in this process let me know, I can give you some help.


YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION that you have been waiting for! The world needs your unique gifts and talents, unleash them on the world!


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