Too Many Voices

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Too Many Voices

When I listened to too many voices I lost my confidence, my vision and my ability to focus.

Similar to my post about hiding in my pursuit of knowledge. This time I was hiding from my true calling by burying myself in the advice that others would give me.

Please learn from me, STOP listening to everyone! Spend time LISTENING TO YOURSELF FIRST by creating a disciplined practice where you spend time journaling or being in meditation/prayer on a regular basis.

After doing that for a while then rebuild your network of mentors/teachers/advisors. Think about 2 or 3 people who can help you bring your game up to the next level and only listen to them. Then cut everyone else out.

That is when real results start to happen!


You are the revolution that you have been waiting for! The world needs your unique gifts and talents, unleash them on the world!


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